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Can we charter your vehicles and drivers?


You would be hiring out the whole vehicle, its equipment ( i.e. satellite communications, safety/medical kit, vehicle recovery gear etc), the driver, and related standby support services, so it’s not going to be cheap and can cost between $700-$1500 per day. But our vehicles and staff come fully equipped and serviced for almost any transfer type or task. You can charter by the hour, day, night or 24-hour block.

We can also source additional vehicles, drivers, trailers etc so in a way we can be a one-stop shop for field support. We're often chartered to support outdoor adventure education programs and corporate training activities. We can also completely customise our services and resources for you depending on what you want to do. Call us to discuss.

We also have trekking guides, paramedics and subject matter specialists who can be contracted out as part of any charter.

Alternatively, if you're on a budget, consider just hiring a 4WD/Bus and doing it yourself.