Definitions: Larapinta Trail Supported

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Larapinta Trail Supported means utilising or accessing human-made or human-supplied services for your hike. This includes but is not limited to using transfers, food drops, water tanks, campsites and shelters on the Larapinta Trail or in the West Macs/Tjoritja National Park or any form of human contact and support.

You are walking the Larapinta Trail Supported if you use any of the below services:

  • Transfers ( transport, shuttles, helicopters, taxis, bike, horseback, anything other than your own feet!)
  • Food Drops ( food drops on the trail, container use, deliveries, use of storerooms etc)
  • Water Tanks and Taps ( using the water tanks or taps at the shelters and other locations)
  • Shelters and Campsites.
  • Trailheads and Information Boards
  • Accepting or having any form of human contact for help, assistance, tips while on your hike
If you are using any of the above, your Larapinta Trail is supported, because a human needs to provide you with services to assist you in your hike, contrary to what many hikers assume is a supported or unsupported hike. Less than 0.7% of hikers complete the trail unsupported each year.

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