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Do I need to book my accommodation before I make my Trek Support booking?

No. If you haven't decided on your accommodation when you book with us, that's fine, just choose 'Don't Know Yet'. 

When you eventually do book your accommodation, let us know asap.

Make sure your accommodation is listed on our approved accommodation list shown here: https://www.treksupport.com.au/approved-accommodation-list

Note about the selection of accommodation for our list:

We only service select accommodation places in Alice Springs because not all the accommodation in town meets ( or has met) the standards we expect for our customers. Our selection is based on our own onsite inspections, customers feedback and unfortunately, some disappointing experiences. We don't get any commission, favours or benefits from the listed accom.
The venues listed have demonstrated reliability, safety, security, accessibility and/or helpful customer service for our customers. We do not receive any commission whatsoever from these locations.