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FAQ: Booking with LTTS and Guaranteed Permit?

Question: I'm wishing to do the trek in June, and am wanting to book with LTTS. I've just been reading about the new booking system of the campsites through NT National Parks, which seems to sound like there will be a limited number of spaces on the trail? If I book the package with you, does this guarantee me a spot on the trail, or will I then need to hope to secure a booking when that opens up?

Booking with LTTS will secure your transfer seats and trek support services for your dates but you will also need to book a trek permit with NT Parks when the permit booking system opens 1 March 2022.

Booking with LTTS does NOT guarantee a permit. They are two separate commitments, one doesn't support the other. It is the same across the board for everyone.

You will need to book your permit separately from any LTTS booking