FAQs: What do I do with Used and Unused Fuel?

1 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

You can leave the canisters in your container and we will dispose of it. 

If the canisters are at 50% or more full we will donate the fuel to community groups or outdoor education groups wherever possible.

Fact: More than 72% of LTTS Customers will use only 62% of all the fuel they buy. We dispose of approx 450kg of unsused fuel each season. This is largely due to a broad lack of experience and knowledge of people walking the trail. Consider testing your fuel and stove before getting here so that you can see how much you will exactly need on the trail. That will save you buying too much and wasting money and impacting the environment with unecessary waste. Generally, assume a 100g Jetboil cannister using a Jetboil stove will give you approx 10lt of boiled water.
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