I exited my trek early. What happens to my stuff on the trail?

1 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

If you quit, got hurt, or left the trail early, all the food drops you have will be disposed of, unless you have gear retrieval.

Even if you have gear retrieval, your items won't be returned straight away and it could be a few days before they are retrieved - this is important. If you leave town before they are retrieved, you can have them posted at your own expense. ( $50 to organise plus cost of postage).

Just because you quit or exited the trail early, doesn't mean there will be a sense of urgency for us to get your stuff back quickly. Very often, it is a few days before any of your items are returned from the trail.

Gear Retrieval, when available and possible, is $95 per container, per location.

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