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What does the 'No Accommodation, No Transfer' Policy mean?

If you don’t have accommodation before and after your trek, we cannot offer you our services. You do have the option to collect and return your containers to our depot if you end up staying at an AirBNB or property, not on our list.


The main reason for this policy is to ensure the safe delivery, storage, and collection of your containers and orders during pre-trek at one of our Approved Accommodation properties. Properties that have not been safe, secure or clean and/or which have shown poor services to our customers, have been removed from our list or are not included altogether. 

This allows us to deliver and leave your containers at the accommodation property with confidence knowing that your containers and orders will be looked after by the property by reception and management staff. Many of the properties listed, such as the Diplomat, Aurora, Crowne, Hilton, and the Quest are very familiar with our systems and have assisted thousands of our customers with pre and post trek admin.  

See the full list of LTTS Approved Accommodation List properties here: https://www.treksupport.com.au/approved-accommodation-list

2021 Update: If you are staying with friends in town or not staying in one of the approved accommodation listed properties below, you can opt to collect your empty containers and drop off your packed containers from/to our office during pre-trek. Our office is not always attended so you will need to co-ordinate a time with us. If you choose this option, you will need to nominate a transfer pick up point or drop off point from one of the Approved Accommodation properties.