What does the 'No Accommodation, No Transfer' Policy mean?

1 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

This policy is part of our Terms and Conditions. This basically means you must have accommodation for pre-trek in order to make a booking with us. This ensures we have a fixed location to deliver ( and collect) your containers and any other orders before your trek.

But: If you are planning to start your trek the day you arrive in Alice Springs ( and not staying in accommodation for pre-trek), you will need to nominate a hotel on our list who are prepared to host your pre-trek delivery of containers, store orders etc. You will need to organise this yourself and then let us know formally via email.

As long as you have an accommodation listed for your pre-trek, you will meet the requirements of the policy.

Remember: If you nominate an accommodation property not on our list, nothing will be delivered.

See the full list of LTTS Approved Accommodation List properties here: https://www.treksupport.com.au/approved-accommodation-list

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