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What does the 'No Fuel No Transfer Policy' Mean?

If you donโ€™t have stove fuel prior to the start of your trek, we cannot offer our services. In support of the No Open Fire rule set by NT Parks and Wildlife, we developed our 'No Stove Fuel No Transfer' Policy to encourage hikers to comply with the rule and adopt minimal impact practices as outlined in our Larapinta Trail Trek Code.

The Larapinta Trail has an official No Open Fires law set by NT Parks and Wildlife. There are by-laws allowing NT Park Rangers to issue fines to hikers of up to $500 per person for non compliance if caught having open fires on the Larapinta Trail. ย Only stove fuel is permitted on the Larapinta Trail. And yes, Rangers do hike at night issuing compliance notices!

From 1 January 2018 any bookings made with LTTS include a clause in the Terms and Conditions outlining that the hiker will need to demonstrate that they have purchased stove fuel locally from outlets like Lone Dingo, Desert Dwellers or LTTS before the start of their trek. This will mean providing a copy of the receipt of purchase to LTTS or showing the receipt to LTTS prior to their trek start date. If the receipt cannot be provided their booking will be deemed void and will be terminated with no refunds offered. This will be in the Terms and Conditions, so read them carefully before you agree to them.