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Where can I leave my car while I'm on the trail?

There are a number of options in town where you can leave your car which is reasonably secure and safe but most have a fee for long-term parking. It's no secret Alice Springs has many issues with youth crime, so safety is a big factor, and it is entirely your at your own risk where you leave your vehicle!

Below are some options which our customers have frequently used over the years and haven't reported many issues with safety, security, or poor customer service. We've also gone out there and checked these places and when time permits we periodically check on our customer's vehicles while they were out on the trail.

Caravan Parks

Below are the three most popular caravan parks people have stayed at and left their vehicles there while on their trek. We service all three caravan parks ( and some others) and have personally checked and inspected these places where vehicles are stored.

All three caravan parks are serviced by LTTS and are listed on our Approved Accommodation List so that means we can pick you up and drop off you at this location and complete all pre and post trek deliveries.

Alice Springs Airport Long Term Car Park

The airport has a long-term car park option. It can be pricey, but it's located outside town and is secured. It has 24/7 security. Costs about $18 per day. Read more here: https://www.alicespringsairport.com.au/parking-options Unfortunately we can't pick you up or drop you off from this location as it's outside the 5km radius of Alice Springs CBD.


This is tricky because many don't have secured facilities for vehicles. The only hotels we service which have 'secured' facilities ( meaning places that are gated at night/locked compounds etc) are the Diplomat Hotel, Aurora ( underground car park), and some backpackers such as Alices Secret ( but all which have very limited car park spaces and may not be available). 

Many other hotels like the Hilton Double Tree and Crowne Plaza Lasseters have open car parks which means anyone can access these areas freely at any time of the day or night. The best bet for vehicle parking options at your accommodation of choice is to ask about it when you book but especially ask about costs and security. 

It is highly recommended you do not leave your vehicle on any street parking in Alice Springs CBD area even if the open car park is near a hotel ( or especially near a hotel). If you do, you should expect your car to be vandalised, broken into or stolen or all the above if you leave it on the street. 

Alice Springs Storage Facilities

Self Storage Alice Springs has a couple of options to secure your vehicle ( and trailer/caravan park) in one of their storage sheds or on a private property they manage which has an onsite live-in manager. Contact them to discuss options. Read more here: https://alicesprings.selfstore.com.au/