How Do I Add Extras to My Booking?

1 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

You can add extras to your booking when you make your initial booking.

If you decide to add on extra's after your initial booking, you can, but the extra's do cost more to cover the cost of adjusting this in your booking paperwork. We encourage you all to plan ahead, think carefully about what you'll need on your hike.

Below is what can be added as extras post booking

Field Support Extras/Add-Ons

  • Gear Retrieval
  • Bag Storage
  • Bounce Box
  • Fresh Food Drop
  • Serpentine Gorge Food Drop Option

Go to this form to add any of the above items or

Communication Add-Ons

  • PLB ( GME, ACR)
  • Trackers ( SPOT, InReach Mini, InReach Messeger)
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